MOZA Mini S Smartphone Gimbal – Gudsen MOZA

12,000.00  10,000.00 

  • Extremely foldable size: Just put it in your pocket  (5.12*2.68*7.68 inches W*D*H).
  • Quick and simple: No-tool adjustment algorithm, and simple operations save your time and effort.
  • Object tracking ensures that object can be followed accurately.
  • Portrait mode: MOZA Mini-S is able to switch from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Multiple shooting modes: hyper-lapse, Inception, sport gear mode, vertigo and many others.
  • MOZA Genie App: The MOZA Mini-S can be connected to the MOZA Genie APP to create film.

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Can the Mini-S hold any phone?
It nearly supports all the popular phones as long as their widths are between 58-88mm. Also the weight should be under its max payload of 260g.

How do I power on Mini-S?
Make quick balance before starting the gimbal, then press the power button for 3s to power it on.

How long are charge time and battery life of Mini-S? Can I swap out the battery?
The charging time is about 1.5hrs while the battery life is about 5 hrs. No the battery can’t be swapped out.

What is the size of the mounting hole at the bottom of the gimbal?
1/4 screw port.

How do I zoom Mini-S?
Mini-S has two zoom buttons on its side. You can use them to achieve zoom control.

What can I do with the trigger?
You can change follow modes via the trigger.

Does Mini-S support Inception mode?
Yes. It supports 270°rotation to give inception effects.

How should I fold Mini-S?
Follow the instruction on the Folding Instruction Card in the box.

Why does the gimbal automatically enter into sleep mode?
It is designed to protect the gimbal if users employs wrong operations, please kindly check whether the roll arm is unlocked before using. Also well balance is a must before you turn on the gimbal.

Why does my gimbal vibrate so crazy?
When you find your gimbal vibrates crazy, you need to do the advanced calibration, check this link for specific steps.

What do I need to do after finding my phone can not connect to the gimbal?
Please upgrade the bluetooth of your phone and try to connect it again, check this link for the details.

Can I use the Facebook Live feature?
You can use the RTMP to do the live stream.

How do I manage to do the object tracking feature?
Switch your phone to the horizontal screen and you will see the tracking button, select the object and now you can use it.

Can I switch the Genie App’s language?
Sure, you just need to change the language of your phone.

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