DP LED-666 SMD LED Foldable Desk Lamp With Charger


Key Features:

Model No: LED-666
24 pcs of SMD bulbs
2 Degree Switch
50% Brightness Increased
Capacity: 800 mAh
Charging Rated Voltage: AC 90-240V 50/60GHz
Charging Rated Current: AC0.1A
ChargingRated Power: 0.8W
Power: 2.4W
Charging Time: About 8 Hours
Duration: Switch one can last for about 5 hours while switch two can last about 2.5 hours

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This LED chargeable light gives off bright and soft white light without twinkling Folding and adjustable design makes it quite convenient to use and easy to carry Specially LED reading lamp with rechargeable function, up to 500 times recycling Rechargeable Desk Reading Lamp is using long-lasting, high-efficiency energy saving LED bulbs Strong and light brightness can be chose, the first file can lit 24 LED dim lights, the second file can lit 24 LED hard lights Fully charged, the first file can be used continuously for about 8 hours, the second file could be used for about 4 hours Not only an eye-protection lighting, but also a distinctive room decoration The lamp could be a decoration on the desk or as a little gift for your friends Capacity 1300mAh Light Source 24LED Operating Operating Humidity


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